Here you can find information about all upcoming seminars, meetings and events that are arranged by Knowledge Network for women living with HIV. Please let us know that you are coming via e-mail to info@kunskapsnatverk.se, or via call/text to 070 040 77 81.

If you want to read more about past seminars and events, please do so on this page, or by reading ”latest news” on the start page.


May 2020:

Virtual/online seminar (”temakväll”) for women living with HIV
Tuesday May 26th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm:

Who is leading your life?
A lecture on stress management and self-leadership

Guest lecturer: Eva Svärd
Eva Svärd is an entrepreneur, writer and educator who provides lectures to companies and groups about her experiences of, among others. chronic fatigue syndrome and behavioral change. The lecture will give you tools to help build personal leadership.

Sign up to info@kunskapsnatverk.se or 070 040 77 81 by May 20th.

The seminar is virtual, and all you need to attend is a computer, tablet or smartphone as well as internet access. After registration, you will receive a link that you should click when the lecture starts on May 26th at 5:30pm. It is possible to ask questions during the lecture.

View / download the invitation as a pdf document here. The seminar is organized in collaboration with Noaks Ark Stockholm.


October 2020:

16th of October: conference on women and HIV

On Friday the 16th of October, Posithiva Gruppen(PG)/Knowledge Network for Women Living with HIV (KN) and KvinnoCirkeln Sverige (KCS) will host a full-day conference on women and HIV. The conference will be held in Stockholm, and among the invited speakers is researcher Shema Tariq from the UK, who will talk about the PRIME study, HIV and the menopause.

Sign up online here

Alternatively, e-mail info@kunskapsnatverk.se or call 070 040 77 81.

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