Here you can find information about all upcoming seminars, meetings and events that are arranged by Knowledge Network for women living with HIV. Please let us know that you are coming via e-mail to info@kunskapsnatverk.se, or via call/text to 070 040 77 81.

If you want to read more about past seminars and events, please do so on this page, or by reading ”latest news” on the start page.


May 2019:

Monday 6th of May, 5:30pm-7pm:
Seminar with PhD and nurse Ewa Carlsson-Lalloo.
Knowledge about undetectable HIV – how does it affect women’s sexuality and self esteem?
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Ewa Carlsson-Lalloo visits us to present her thesis ”Sexuality in Women Living with HIV”.  Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

Participation is free, and we will serve ”fika” from 5pm. The seminar is held in Swedish. Sign up to info@kunskapsnatverk.se or 070 040 77 81 before the 3rd of May.

If you want to participate but live in a different part of the country (not Stockholm), the Knowledge Network can help you with travel costs. Contact us for more info. 


Saturday 25th of May, 11am-5pm:
Feel Good day for women who are living with HIV.
More info to come.


June 2019:

Thursday 13th of June, 3pm-5pm:
Panel discussion: Having children – what are the alternatives for women who are living with HIV?
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