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Question #1: Can I choose freely between different health care centers (vårdcentraler)?

Answer: If you want to visit a general practitioner/doctor, you can choose which health care center you would like, regardless of whether it is close to where you live or not. You can also choose to “list” yourself, or switch to, a specific health care center. On the website you can fill out this form in order to chose or change your health care center. If you are listed at a special health care center, you still have the opportunity to seek care at other health care centers. A list of all health centers in Stockholm can be found here.


Question #2: Can I have a permanent doctor?

Answer: The Patient Act states that patients should be given the opportunity to chose a permanent medical contact within primary care. Unfortunately, not all health centers meet the requirements stated by the law. According to the 2016 national patient survey, over 46% stated that they were not allowed to see the same doctor during their visits to the health care center. However, your HIV doctor is permanent.


Question #3: What forms of economic support can I get for dental care?

Answer: What kind of economic support you get depends on your age and your needs. If you are between the ages of 30 and 65, you receive 150 SEK as “general subsidy” for dental care per year. If you are older or younger you will receive 300 SEK per year. If you suffer from dry mouth or impairment of immune system function due to medical treatment, you may be entitled to a special dental care allowance. The special dental care allowance is 600 SEK per six months (1200 SEK per year). Read more about dental care for HIV positive people and rights to economic support on our page “Your rights“.


Question #4: Can I get private insurance if I am living with HIV?

Answer: The Swedish insurance companies operate with different guidelines concerning to which clients they grant insurance. If you want to buy a private life insurence, you will always have to fill in a health form. Whether an HIV diagnosis has implications for your insurance application, depends on the insurance company. Many companies encourage people that are living with HIV to send them an application anyway, as life insurance applications are assessed individually. When it comes to accident- and sickness insurances, HIV should not be a barrier to obtaining insurance. If you had a private insurance before you got HIV, there are some cases in which you have a right to economic compensation for “medical invalidity” (“medicinsk invaliditet”). This is primarily the case if your insurance was a child insurance. You can read more about private insurance for people that are living with HIV on the Knowledge Network’s sub-page about personal insurance.


Question #5: How many people are living with HIV in Sweden?

Answer: According to Folkhälsomyndigheten (The Public Health Agency of Sweden), approximately 7000 people are living with HIV in Sweden today. In 2017 434 new cases were reported, and during the last ten years the number of people living with HIV in Sweden has increased with about 450 per year.  About 40% of people living with HIV in Sweden are women. Of the new cases from 2017, 273 (63 %) were men and 161 (37 %) were women. Globally, women represent over half of all people living with HIV. According to UNAIDS there are around 34,5 million adults living with HIV in the world, of which 17,8 million (51,6%) are women.


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